Herbifix blīvējuma masa, šķīdinātājs bāzes

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Izmanto poru aizpildīšanai un rievojumiem bitumena virsmās.

RR Herbifix Compound for Filling Pores is a ready to use bituminous compound for filling
pores to use on repairing old asphalt surfaces.
» RR Herbifix is very smooth and penetrates into pores and cavities
» pores are filled and surfaces are sealed with just a single application
» the compound pore filler applied is immediately water resistant
» also suitable for rough and porous asphalt surfaces
» very good bonding with the substrate and with the underlying loose granular layers
» easy to use and speedy resumption of traffic movement

Use of material:
depending on the condition of the substrate the amount of the substance used will be between approx. 0.8 and 2.0 kg/m². RR Herbifix should preferably be applied sparingly. Guideline asphalt concrete, asphalt binder approx. 0.8 to 1.3 kg/m² asphalt road bases approx. 1.5 to 2.0 kg/m²
Can be stored unopened in original packaging for at least 10 weeks. Stir vigorously before use. Opened canisters should be closed airtight and stored in a cool and well ventilated room. For good processing storage at room temperature is recommended.
Ready to use smooth compound for filling pores suitable for rough and porous asphalt surfaces. Through the addition of solvents, a particularly intimate bond is achieved with the asphalt surface and additionally reaches a regenerative effect in old asphalt pavements.
RR Herbifix:
– frost resistant
- speedy sealing of open-pored asphalt surfaces
– easy use and speedy resumption of traffic
- movement
RR Herbifix is applied for the sealing of surfaces of asphalt roadways, in which process only missing mortar is replaced or areas of broken gravel granules are repaired. Industrial use of RR Herbifix is sealing asphalt roadways, e.g. place mountings, yard attachments, pedestrian walkways, cycle tracks or industrial roads. Also for sealing asphalt binders, respectively road bases, e.g. construction roads and repair of old asphalt surfaces. Aftercare on rough asphalt surfaces that have become porous, e.g. RR Herbifix is outstandingly suitable for installation errors. RR Herbifix is not suitable as a coating or to compensate for irregularities.
Areas for application should be free of frost (minimum ground temperature: +5°C) and clean (free of oil and grease). Loose material should be removed. RR Herbifix Compound for Filling Pores should be used sparingly and applied with a foam rubber squeegee and removed from the existing stone lower layer. Then the areas treated with RR Herbifix are sprinkled with rock sand 0/2 or with fine gravel. The resumption of traffic movement can proceed immediately after the sprinkling with a temporary speed limit of 40 km/h.

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