Herbiplast tiksotropā hermētiķis, šķīdinātājs bāzes

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To izmanto tehnologisko šuvju aizsardzībai, ieklājot karsto bitumena masu.

RR Herbiplast is a solvent free fibre reinforced bitumen substance, a polymer-refined
bitumen for road construction.
» special fillers lead to a viscous consistency
» can be worked with when cold
» great stability when wet of the sloping asphalt surface
» treatment of seam in asphalt application „hot on cold“
Use of material:
apply to a thickness of approx. 2 mm; approx. 20-40 gr/meter length per 1 cm thickness of asphalt layer.
Frost resistant. Can be stored unopened in original packaging for at least 12 months. Stir product thoroughly before use. When the packaging has been opened, lock it tight.
Herbiplast is a seam sealant that is fibre reinforced and polymer-refined to be used for road construction.
A seam sealant that can be worked with when cold, which is manufactured from fibre-reinforced, polymer-refined bitumen. Herbiplast distiguishes itself by great stability when wet. After bonding Herbiplast is waterproof and resistant to rain.
RR Herbiplast:
– can be used without primer
– can be applied immmediately
RR Herbiplast serves as a bonding agent for connecting areas and central seams when applying asphalt mix, respectively asphalt for pouring, for mending work and in case of work interruptions (transverse seams), as they occur during construction of new roadways and conservation measures.
The seam edges of the asphalt layers should be free of frost, dry and clean (free of oil and grease). Loose material should be removed. RR Herbiplast is applied with the „Plastomat“, a brush or a spatula. The amount applied is dependent on the thickness of the asphalt layer, the seam section should be fully covered. Herbiplast has a great stability when wet and does not flow off after application. The treated edge must not be driven over by traffic. The processing of the mix is in general independent of the time of application, but should be done on the same day.

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